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My name is Melanie Pinney and I live and work in Idaho with my hubby, "Paul the Electrician", and our miniature schnauzer dogs, Lucy and Baxter (who are always on diets and cannot be mistaken for "miniature" by any stretch of the imagination).  I can't tell you how many people think Idaho is in the sticks (uh, wilderness), but we really do have skyscrapers here.
My work is eclectic, which is a nice way of saying I jump around and cannot settle on any particular style, and I have a terrible time designing patterns and keeping my house clean at the same time. I love folk art and primitive and even a little whimsical tossed in, which you'll see reflected in my work as I move from one idea to the next.  Sorry, there's just nothing constant about me (except that little housekeeping problem I mentioned).
That about sums it up, except to say I work very hard to make sure all my American Pie patterns are interesting, kinda' pretty to look at, and very thorough.  I like to think you won't find better-written patterns anywhere and always include easy-to-follow diagrams and photographs so you can follow along.  Also, if you like yummy hand-dyed wool, just step over to my Wool Page and see what's new from the dye pot.  My wools are thick and richly colored, and I always start with quality yardage to produce the best hand-dyed wool for your rug hooking and applique.
Although I'm usually away on the weekends with my hubby and fat dogs, my worktable is open on weekdays except for major holidays.  No matter what, I do my best to quickly respond, so don't hesitate to call or drop me an email--I would love to hear from you!


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